Like going out to lunch?

It’s impossible to deny that going out to lunch is a very enjoyable experience … with ambiance, delicious food and good company, it’s a popular mid-day retreat.

But it’ll cost you.

The best way to increase personal savings is to spend less money, and brining your lunch to work can make a big difference in what you save. Bankrate’s lunch savings calculator illustrates how bringing your lunch can boost your bank account.

If you’re envisioning the misery of munching on a measly turkey sandwich in a stale break room, relax.

Taking your lunch can be enjoyable. Meet a coworker or friend who works nearby for a picnic (depending on the time of the year). Or eat at your desk and use your lunch hour to run errands or hit the gym. If your schedule is flexible, take less time at lunch and leave the office a little early.