Grocery savings sans couponing

There are multiple ways to save at the grocery store beyond the major couponing craze. By asking store employees and management a few questions, you can save.

1.       Know your store’s coupon policies: Check your store’s website to see if they offer special deals with coupons, such as doubling coupons on certain days of the week or whether they allow stacking manufacturer coupons and store coupons together.

2.       Use the store’s loyalty program: Find out which stores have loyalty programs that offer cash back or extra coupons for members.

3.       Stock up at dollar stores, outlets and closeouts: These stores often carry some name-brand items that are the same quality as the ones at full-price stores. Stock up on items you know you will use often.

4.       Find the final markdowns and clearance: Sometimes the trick to scoring bargains is knowing where to look. Ask where the clearance section is or how a store identifies marked-down items so you know what to look for.

5.       Understand multiples and BOGOs: Figure out whether a stores deal for multiple items applies only if a certain amount is purchased. If you don’t need 10 bottles of sports drink for $10, see if you can still buy 3 for $3 at the same discounted price.